Mysql membership plugin for Mailman

Sponsored by oRe Net.

Mysql membership plugin for Mailman (2.1), provided with absolutely no warranty or guarantee, licensed under the GPL, as per Mailman's own licensing.

This is my first Python project, and while it has matured considerably with time, and is less likely to have bugs in it when it started, it's your own fault if you use it, and it breaks, destroys your house, mind, scalp, and all of your computer systems.

The tarball listed below contains all of the relevant files, or you can browse them individually if you wish.

NB. Files and development of this patch are in migration from Sourceforge, so please also refer to the Sourceforge page to make sure you're getting the latest version, at least for the time being.

oRe Net consultants are available for installation and management of this patch on your servers, and any other Linux server troubleshooting and fixing you may need. Contact us for details.

Kev Green, oRe Net (, 2003/11/04.

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