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Open Source

oRe Net is the proud sponsor of various activities in the opensource movement, via our policy of utilisation of these technologies our staff are able to return effort and software releases back into the community.

Our staff are available for contract work to install or maintain any of the following opensource products that we sponsor, and some others as well. Contact us if you have a query.

Mailman MySQL

A patch providing MySQL support for mailman list member lookups. ... more details

Sendmail SQL

MySQL support for Sendmail maps, aliases, and lookups, managed by oRe Net staff at the moment. ... more details

The Horde Project

The Horde Project produces a wide range of web-oriented groupware type software projects based on its Horde Framework, which are useful in a great many ways, which we have contributed to on a number of occasions ... more details

Nagios Plugins

We have already contributed one full plugin to this project, and there are more on the way ... more details


We have supplied patches and bugfixes for the Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) support for user and password lookups. ... more details


We have assisted with the Network Switch Service (NSS) support for full user profile lookups (more advanced than PAM, and closer tied to glibc/kernel; syn. easier to break). ... more details


Logwatch is a Systems Administration tool for monitoring log files, which we have contributed patches to ... more details

Pidgin 'Office Hours' Plugin

The Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger (IM) system is good, but it was lacking a feature to automatically log you off outside office hours, in case you used the same MSN or other protocol ID for work and personal purposes, so you'd annoyingly have to log on to your remote work machine to kill the pidgin instance before you could log in at home. Doing so would lose your conversation windows, hence I wrote this. Click for ... more details