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Spam Quarantine

If you've receievd a message ID in an email (it will say something like 'reference for helpdesk with it), then you can just put that reference in the 'Go to message' box in the top left of the page, and it should take you straight there. If you click on the 'i' icon for the message and scroll to the bottom you should see a checkbox for 'Release', which you can check and then hit the 'Submit' button to release the message to you.

Messages in the listing highlighted in red of varying shades have been blocked, green are whitelisted, and white are passed messages.

There is an option to release a message to a third party there using the 'alternate recipients' option but this has not yet been verified as working.

If you think you've lost an email from a specific sender, you can put their email address in the search to look for it. Click 'SEARCH AND REPORTS' in the centre of the top yellow bar. Then in the section that is entitled 'Add Filter' select 'From' and 'contains', put the email address in, click the 'Add' button to the right of it, and then click 'Message Operations' in the 'Reports' bit some way below. You should be able to scan through the subsequent listing to find the email you want.


There are many versions of Outlook with subtly different features, but for now here are the general things you need to do:



To configure Sylpheed for an oRe Net email account, all you need to do is Select "Create New Account" from the Sylpheed "Configuration" menu (at which point you will be presented with a pair of new windows, as above), and input the following:

Additionally, you may also enter (for cosmetic purposes):