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Code Of Practise

We are members of the Association Of Independent Computer Specialists (AICS) and are bound by their Code Of Practise

We have not, to date, been asked by any authority whatsoever, such that compells silent adherance, to hand over any confidential customer data, or any materials that may be used to obtain the same.


"Thank you, you're a God-send".

Josh Strike - Strike Sapphire

"Thank god for you being available, dont know what we would do if you were not around."

Matt Norris, Strand International / Easy Play Poker

We are an internet service provider specialising in the Used Vehicle Retail sector and have over 150 Used Car Retailers using our on-line services, availability of the ClickDealer service is critical as our Dealers depend on the service to administer the business and drive their retail web sites. oRe Net have supported our systems for a number of years and as the systems are very reliable we have never had need to communicate with oRe Net so we kind of took them and the service they provide for granted.

That all changed recently when we allowed a resource to upgrade our server without consulting oRe NET and reviewing the upgrade path. Following the upgrade the performance of the service was poor and at times unavailable so our support calls from frustrated Dealers grew every day. That's when we realised the true value of the relationship with oRe NET who without any hesitation worked effortlessly for 48 hours to roll back the server and database configurations so that we got back to our usual high levels of service. Everyone at ClickDealer, Lightwood and more importantly our Dealer community now recognises the importance of our oRe NET relationship and the value and protection they provide to ClickDealer.

Gerry Moxham, Director, Click Dealer Limited

This was our first venture into having our own server and boy is there a lot that we were not told by the hosting companies. In addition to providing this service oRe Net worked with us to educate us why things should be done certain ways and provided a lot of consultation along the way and filled in a lot of the hosting companies gaps. There are tons of threats on a daily basis and if we were not lucky enough to be suggested with oRe Net's program we would have lost or had our client's and users information compromised.

This is a must have for any company that is looking for "actual server security". It's very comforting to know that we can have an on call solution to any problem that may arise. Regardless of how secure or well our server is running, oRe Net is always looking to further optimize configurations and keep things running smoothly. Totally worth it in every way!

Eric Stone. Enego, Inc

"ORE NET provides management services for DeskDemon’s servers. The service provided has been consistently of the utmost quality. The oRe NET technical staff as well as being reliable and approachable have consistently provided great business and technical solutions for us.

Whenever we have encountered a technical problem with our website, they have dealt with it efficiently and quickly, realising the importance of this to our business. Not only this, the oRe Net management service is problem-prevention oriented; they offer server probe and attack reporting; vulnerability scanning, diagnosis, and fixes; update and secure services; security reports on uploaded content for web servers; anti-spam and anti-virus system monitoring and updates; and firewall management.

All of these services, and more, mean that we’re always one step ahead of potential problems and glitches. Whenever possible, they’ve taken the time out to offer us free advice and take the lead when, for example, hack recovery is required. The consultancy and management services oRe NET offer is second to none and I would be very happy to recommend them to others."

Mek Rahmani, DeskDemon.com

"oRe Net's colocation service has been very reasonably priced and very reliable for my company."

Steve Sexton, Clues Ltd

"We've had the opportunity to work with [...] oRe Net Support for over six months. In our business, our server is our business - hosting over 300 business websites. During this time [oRe Net] has helped us through some tough issues with our server's security and performance. Today we've made huge progress in getting infrastructure more stable and secure while improving performance. [oRe Net] always goes the extra mile when needed and can be counted on when it matters most."

Derek Brown, Managing Director, Pronto Marketing

"We have been a long term customer of oRe Net, and have always been extremely happy with the way they have helped us through challenging times of both legal and technical, and brought us to an effective, reliable, and long-lasting solution in each case. They have always proven knowledgeable, honest, and gone the extra mile for us. We would not hesitate to recommend them for anyone seeking a Linux server hosting solution"

Olly Wetzig, Music HQ

Finding and hiring us

We are available through direct contact, or if you prefer to use an online marketplace such as Rentacoder/vWorker, oDesk, or similar, we can work through those too.

We can accept payments by Paypal, bank transfer, cash or cheque, please ask for details if you are in doubt.


oRe Net UK was founded in the year 2001 by Kev Green (BSc), having become increasingly disappointed by the quality of service his present and former employers were happy to settle for, and that of the UK's legions of Internet Service Providers (ISP's), with low quality, inefficient service, and rapidly diminishing desire to concentrate on levels of customer service due to this legacy inefficiency and low quality.

This company was founded on, and will continue to follow a keen sense of how to avoid technological and customer-service traps other ISP's have fallen into, and a desire to research and develop a range of cutting edge services based on, and supported by the latest technologies, with a firm emphasis on promotion and use of Open Source software.

The name is derived and extrapolated from the name of a prior, not-for-profit site run by the very same person at http://www.ore.org which covers a range of rock and metal music, and its name is derived from its contents.

And now...

Our service offerings are diverse (from Colocated Servers to Network Design, Implementation, and Consultancy), and flexible, those listed offer just a glimpse of what we can offer new customers, so if you don't see precisely what you're looking for, just , and ask.

Our pricing policy is a simple one. A single all-inclusive price, for each service, free from restrictions on eg. disk space and bandwidth, and hence no hidden extra charges at all, for a hassle-free internet service, although less convenient tariffs may be available on request.

Terms & Conditions


We may from time to time apply - either temporarily or an ongoing basis - increases to billing, broadly in line with inflation, or if our wholesale costs increase to an untenable extent.

Other terms and conditions specific to the type of service you receive will be made available in due course.


We are bound by the terms and conditions of our wholesale registrars, including but not limited to those of Nominet (who's terms and conditions are available here. Further details available on request.

In the unlikely event of a complaint arising, we endeavour to deal with complaints amicably, fairly, and expediently. Because when registering a domain you enter into an agreement not only with us, as managers of the domain on your behalf, but also with the domain registry (in much the same way as you need a driving license and a mechanic to keep your car or motorbike running, say), and they may also have their own dispute policy. In the case of .uk names (for which the registry is Nominet), if you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your complaint please escalate the issue to Nominet here http://www.nominet.org.uk/disputes/complaining-about-registrar/complaints-procedure”. Other top level domains may have their own procedures, and in the event of a problem we will gladly refer you to the right places.

We will always seek to notify you at least 2 weeks in advance of an imminent expiry of a domain relating to your services, if we provide such registration to you, and maintain a policy of not letting domains expire except in events of non-payment or explict confirmation from clients that domains may be left to lapse. Under normal circumstances, our charges are limited to a single annual fee for your domain, with no additional setup charges or hidden fees for leaving. Among other reasons, since different top level domain names are charged to us at different rates, and customer's requirements differ in scope, it is not appropriate for us to maintain a public price list, although prices will always be quoted to you clearly in advance of purchase.