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Nagios Plugins

We have already contributed one full plugin to this project, and there are more on the way.

Frontpage Extensions Checker - check_frontpage

Obviously FrontPage remains a trademark/copyright of Microsoft, and the fact that this plugin has ever proved necessary as a result of various misconfigurations and website migrations from server to server is not intended as any kind of indicator for or against the quality of Microsoft's software, but numerous organisations have found it necessary to remotely monitor the existence and validity of FrontPage Extensions on a server, this plugin was written to meet that requirement, and save the hair and sanity of Unix systems administrators.

Download the plugin here. The sourceforge page for check_frontpage is here.

See other Nagios Plugins on their root sourceforge page.

Other plugins

Other plugins are in the pipeline, and if you require a specific service monitoring that is not currently available, we may be able to develop a nagios based, or similar monitoring solution for you. Contact us if you have a requirement.