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Email and Web redirection.

If you just want a domain name, and have existing email and web services set up elsewhere, we will be more than happy to provide redirection services

Key features, options and benefits

Prices start at £50 per year plus VAT.

Portfolio Management

Whether you have 10 domain names or 10,000, we appreciate how difficult it can be to manage all of them, ensuring that contact details are kept up to date, procedures are followed, and domains are not left to expire. We have many years experience in the domain name market and are responsible for hundreds of domain names already.

We are on hand via control panel, by email, and phone, so let us take the hassle out of managing your portfolio!

Domain Name Registrations

Providing you meet the relevant global or country specific registration regulations, we will register your name in any top level domain, and provide ongoing portfolio management, and brand-name protection services for any other top level domains.

Key features:

Prices start at £15 per annum plus VAT.

Domain name parking.

If you're not quite ready yet for a full-blown website or email presence, you can "park" your domain with us to keep it safe until you are ready to launch a website or email addresses.

Contact for prices and further details.