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» CONSULTANCY - for projects that are not necessarily tied to a server, or an existing oRe Net service.

Server Management.

Whether you use our Colocated Server Hosting, or not, we are more than happy to provide management services to take the hassle out of running your own servers, we can provide any or all of the following:

This service is ideal for small web based or internet services companies with a need for systems administration and linux server maintenance skills (whether or not that includes a security element) that cannot properly justify a full time systems administrator in-house.


We pride ourselves on our top-notch technical staff who are always available for consultancy work or (time-permitting) free advice, in areas such as Networking, Security, Linux Clustering, Installation, Website Design, Database Design, Database Optimisation, Online/Web Store product importing, and many more.

In some cases they may even be available immediately for emergency callout.

LAN Networks.

Whether your LAN is running Unix or Microsoft software, we can come onsite, and diagnose existing problems. If you require a LAN setup, or expansion of an existing one, we're available to ensure your LAN environment is painlessly rendered efficient, and secure.

Our engineers have ample experience with:

Prices start at £70 per month per server.

Website Migration.

If your server or hosting environment is becoming underpowered or otherwise failing to meet your website needs, we can help in every aspect of moving your website to a new hosting provider, or from virtual hosting to a dedicated server, with minimal downtime and loss of data or business from the whole affair.

It may be that with a few simple tweaks, your site will be back in tip-top condition, without the need to shell out for new hardware or hosting, we are experienced in these matters and can advise accordingly.

Server Installation.

We have engineers skilled in various operating systems, primarily in various flavours of Linux who are able to install servers to your specific instructions (obviously offering advice on any potential security and other issues they may spot with your desired installation, if applicable) and if required physically transport them to your hosting center and install them there if you are unable to do so yourself.

After the basic install process, we would be happy to assist in installation of sites, customisation and optimisation of Apache, PHP, MySQL configuration, etc. bringing to bear our many years of portal site experience on fulfilling your requirements.

Available operating systems, server types, and so on...

... and more besides, contact us and ask if you don't see what you need.

Internet/WAN Networks.

Our staff have considerable experience in setting up all the necessary networking equipment (firewalls, load balancers, switches, whatever you need) to get your organisation connected to the internet, or get your remote workers connected, via VPN or private lines, whatever the requirements, from leased lines, and upwards, we can ensure you have a painless transition.

Server Security Incident Recovery

Technical advice typically dictates completely formatting a server, and starting again, but often this is not entirely necessary, and the business realities dictate different.

Whether you have just learnt the hard way, been compromised ('hacked'), regardless of apparent motive ('rootkit','defacement', 'phishing', or otherwise) and need immediate help, to recover data, or get back on line, we have experienced staff who can get you back online promptly (advising you on treading the fine line between business and technical ’realities’ as we go).

If you require evidence, or crime numbers to faciliate insurance claims and the like, we will be happy to liase with appropriate authorities and companies on your behalf.

We take it as read that you don't ever want it to happen again, and thereafter can maintain your linux systems reliably and securely, to whatever level you may require through our update & secure retainer service.

Server Failure Recovery

If your Linux server has failed, and you're not sure why, or who to turn to (eg. if your service provider can't or won't help), we can step in to determine what has happened, recover data, and rebuild to get you back online, implementing additional failsafes to the extent your budget and time constraints allow.

Our experts don't care what the problem is, or how it occured, we have the experience to track it down, and propose/implement a solution to get you back online promptly and in confidence.

We take it as read that you don't ever want it to happen again, and thereafter can maintain your linux systems reliably and securely, proactively monitoring for pending failures, to whatever level you may require through our update & secure retainer service.

Contact for prices and further details.